Thumb Wars - Ancient Dynasties

The EvoluThumb of Thumb Wars comes to life through ‘Ancient Dynasties’

Original Lore - Thumb Wars OG Collection

After a shocking defeat in the "Battle Of Dexterity", Thumbs were forced to flee the forefingers and retreat to the South Hand Wasteland. With resentment towards their dextrous counterparts growing by the day, and finger food in short supply, Thumbs have turned against themselves.
Thumb Wars originally minted almost a year ago, and the team have been working behind the scenes to develop a collection with significantly improved & detailed art, several value-adding utilities, and 3 x P2E (Play-To-Earn) games in addition to our Raffles, Staking, Raid2Earn, as well as our partnerships with Qwestive & The Incentive.

Thumb Wars Anthem: 'Thumb Wars (Thumb Lord) by EASTSIDE KO'

Thumb Wars (Thumb Wars) - EASTSIDE KO (our Anthem)

Original Project Whitepaper - outdated

Below is a link to the PDF file of our original Whitepaper & Roadmap for the outdated OG collection. We always had big plans, and our second collection - 'Ancient Dynasties' was always the ultimate goal. However, since our free mint, we have acheived more than many free mints could ever have dreamed of acheiving, including reaching a floor price of 0.5SOL and entering the top 5 trending collections on MagicEden.
We invested 100% of the royalties that we received plus an additional $10,000+ in additional investment out of our own pocket to deploy a custom staking platform, custom raffle site, P2E game, discord rewards & giveaways. We have gained significant experience, formed strong relationships, and navigated our way through a seemingly neverending bear market along the way.
We now know what works, and these are the things we will be implementing as part of collection 2 - 'Ancient Dynasties'
don't be deceived, this is only the beginning…
Thumb Wars Final Roadmap 20th April 2022.pdf
The Original Whitepaper from Collection v1 - all roads led to Ancient Dynasties