Ancient Dynasties Collection

Overview of Thumb Wars v2 - Ancient Dynasties collection

The Evolu-Thumb

The EvoluThumb of Thumb Wars will be brough to life through collection v2 – ‘Ancient Dynasties’.

"Feared by many, yet respected by all..."

Ancient Dynasties - History vs His Story...

To understand where we are headed, we must understand how and why we got here.
‘Ancient Dynasties’ celebrates seven civilisations, regarded as the most formidable dynasties of the ancient world. Renowned for their valiant warriors, sophisticated warfare & unique cultural traditions, their cultural influence & historical significance is undeniable.
"as we venture further into the future, we discover more about the past..."

Seven Ancient Dynasties

We selected seven remarkable ancient dynasties that were able to thrive and conquer vast expanses of land and successfully navigate through periods of prosperity & demise, conquest & invasion, and victory & defeat. At the peak of their powers, they were considered the most fearsome and distinguished dynasties of their era.
"secrets hidden in plain sight... secrets hidden in our very own blood..."