Pre-Mint Roadmap

Roadmap for the Ancient Dynasties Collection - December 2022

Whitepaper (which you're reading!)

Thumb Wars ‘Ancient Dynasties’ collection celebrates seven remarkable civilisations widely regarded among the most formidable dynasties of the ancient world.
This is our whitepaper - we apologies in advance if you've got this far and think you're nearly finished... you're not even half way. However, all the juicy & exciting stuff is to come ;)
This is a comprehensive overview of the existing utilities we offer our community as well as our plans for our fun & exciting P2E games, which will integrate an interactive ‘Lore’ (storyline) to further enhance holder’s experience.

Finalising Art & Attributes

From the outset we were committed to developing intricate, lively, & invigorating artwork to truly celebrate the culture and traditions of the civilisations we selected. Our art and attributes are designed to be historically accurate and bring to live the amazing and diverse culture and traditions of the seven dynasties we selected, whilst also bringing to light to hardship and endless fear of war/combat these dynasties endured throughout their reign.
As a result, we decided to separate the Dynasties into individual sub-collections so that they can truly be represented in the way in which we believe they should. Powerful, fearless, ruthless, intelligent, and adaptive to the isolated environments in which they not only managed to survive and thrive but expand and conquer vast regions through their almighty quest for supremacy.
We believe that this will shine through our art, of which some has been revealed, but we are 100% dedicated to ensuring this is as unique and beautiful as it can possibly be, in a space that is flooded with derivatives and imitations or slight variations to other collections.

Lore - Ancient Dynasties

As mentioned above, we are developing a compelling and interactive ‘Lore’ that will be the basis of the project, and highly integrated into our proposed P2E games, raids, and community events. The ‘Ancient Dynasties’ lore will be a captivating fusion of historical accuracy and the fascinating mythology that was an integral part of the lives of these incredible ancient civilisations.
Updated Website (under construction)
As part of the Ancient Dynasties collection, we are redesigning our website to be interactive, web3 suitable, and to enable the integration of our P2E games. Our website will showcase the project in the best possible light, which is an absolute necessity in order to expand & infiltrate web3, as it becomes increasingly prominent. This will include all newly created information and revised branding that aligns with Ancient Dynasties collection project identity.
Migrate Discord Server
We decided to create a new Discord server when we made the decision to migrate to the Sui Blockchain. The main reason for doing this was that we only wanted to bring along our true believers & OG collection holders (pruning inactive or fake members in the meantime). who were not actively engaged or involved in our community. This also allowed us to restructure.
Finalise P2E Battle Logic & Variables
Deploy our Custom Discord P2E Gaming Bot (beta)
Finalise & Publish Roadmap (which you’re reading... still refining our post-mint roadmap)
Reveal Tokenomics Structure & Token Name
  • How to earn the token (staking/airdrops/giveaways/battles)
  • Token uses & value (primarily utility token)
  • Token Name $DYNASTY (community vote to select name)
Announce Supply & Mint Price
Collection Whitelist Wallet Addresses (via Discord role assignment)
Announce Mint Date & Time
  • Refer to the following page in this document for proposed mint price & supply scenarios.
  • The scenario we select will be determined by the market situation at mint.
Close WL (Enlistment) Submissions
24-48 hours before we mint we will close the WL (Enlistment) submissions and send them to Clutchy Marketplace to setup the phased mint.
Establish Relationships with Trusted Platforms & Projects
Our philosophy is 'Build together, grow together, succeed together'. Thus, we beleive it is crucial to establish long term relationships with trusted platforms, projects & service providers. As Sui is a new blockchain, it's important to connect with the right people, to gain trust and give our potential investors the utmost confidence that we are a project developed & managed by a trusted team. So far we are proud to have established relationships with
  • Clutchy Marketplace: we have been approved for their launchpad and have been involved in several of their Twitter spaces. They are the primary & most exciting marketplace coming to Sui
  • Martian Wallet: the most trusted self-custodial wallet on the Move Protocol ecosystem. Originally establishing themselves on the Aptos network, they will be a key, if not the major player in the Sui Ecosystem and we are really excited about the mutually beneficial relationship
  • SuiDailyTK: a major Sui Ecosystem social media & educational platform, who have assisted us in promoting our project and the ecosystem, as well as educating & onboarding new users
  • Sui Global: finalising a collaboration & giveaway with Sui Global as well as an ongoing relationship, having spoken to their founders. This is planned for mid December.
  • Weekly Spaces with Sui Projects: we're collaborating with leading Sui NFT projects coming to the Sui Ecosystem and are hosting weekly Twitter Spaces to educate, inform, and most importantly, work together to onboard new users to the Sui Ecosystem, and bring more eyes on the more promising projects coming to Sui!
Build together, Grow together, Succeed together!