Ancient Dynasties Lore

Phase 1 of the 'Ancient Dynasties' Lore

Ancient Dynasties | Thumb Wars Overview

The Evolu-Thumb of the Thumb Wars will be brought to life through collection 2 - ‘Ancient Dynasties’. We now know that to understand where we are headed, we must first understand how we got here. But the question is…. why?
History vs ‘His Story'....
Secrets hidden deep within our very own blood, inherent in our very being, dating back to the ancient times these might dynasties reigned planet Earth.
Feared by many… yet respected by all.
Thumb Wars - ‘Ancient Dynasties’ celebrates seven ancient civilisations, widely regarded as the most formidable dynasties of the ancient world. Renowned for their valiant warriors, sophisticated warfare strategies & unique cultural traditions, their cultural influence & historical significance is undeniable...
These remarkable ancient dynasties were able to thrive and conquer vast expanses of land and successfully navigate through periods of prosperity & demise, conquest & invasion, and victory & defeat. At the peak of their powers, they were considered the most fearsome and distinguished dynasties of their era.
As we venture further into the future, we discover more about our past... secrets so dark and gruesome we could never have even dreamed of....
Although lost to the vortex of time, these civilisations have captured the imagination of millions across the globe, yet their influence stretches far beyond their reign… having been instrumental in sculpting modern cultural traditions & beliefs and have directly shaped the geopolitical, economic, and demographic framework of the modern world.

How we selected only 7 ‘Dynasties’ from such a vast list of options

The selection process was difficult. We wanted to celebrate a wide range of ancient civilisations from across the globe, with vastly unique & distinguishable characteristics that would translate to exciting & detailed art. We also wanted to celebrate cultures currently underrepresented in the Solana NFT space.