Ancient Dynasties Lore

Inspired by mythology & history itself...

OG Collection Lore Summary

The air was thick with anticipation, as the relic was unearthed from deep beneath the earth's surface. It had been discovered by accident when an outcast Thumb Warrior unearthed it while ploughing his field.
The ancient artifact glowed with an otherworldly light and seemed to be made of a material no one had ever seen before.

The Relic

The tale of the ancient relic is one that has been told for centuries, but never fully understood.
The relic was a stone tablet, believed to contain secrets and untold knowledge from seven long forgotten civilizations known as the 'Ancient Dynasties'.

The Speculation

As time passed however, whispers began to surface of a powerful energy source contained within the relic. Tales of great destruction or tremendous good depending on how this power would be used spread like wildfire throughout the land.
Thumbs gathered in the hope of gaining insight into these forgotten empires. Yet despite numerous attempts to decipher its inscriptions, it remained an enigma.

The Mystical Beings

Shrouded in the veil of time, Mystical Beings have been observing the relentless efforts to decipher hidden secrets of the ancient relic.
Their knowing eyes, filled with wisdom beyond any mortal man's reach, watched the Thumbs increasingly desperate attempts to unlock the secrets of the relic.
They smirked as similarities between the Thumbs and their ancestors, who ventured down the very same path centuries ago. They knew only too well what lied ahead for these desperate souls...

The Power of a Secret

Little did anyone know that within this relic may potentially contain a force so powerful and mysterious it could bring about certain destruction if not used with utmost caution.
It's secrets transcended beyond mere knowledge; unlocking them meant discovering an incredible energy source which held limitless potential...if utilised correctly.
Now the Thumb Warriors must assess their own morals to determine whether or not they are worthy custodians of such cosmic power...