The Ancient Dynasties

Brief summary of the 7 Ancient Dynasties we've selected

The Ancient Dynasties Selected

More detailed & historically accurate information about these civilisations as well as their cultural & technological influence can be found further into this whitepaper. Historical accuracy and a neutral perspective were vital to us as we are a multucultural team from all corners of the globe!

The Mayans

The Mayans were able to tame the wild Amazon and evolve in the depths of the rainforest into a mighty civilisation. Characterised by cycles of rise and fall, the Mayans are renowned for their sophisticated writing system & elaborate ceremonial architecture.

The Samurai

The Samurai were an elite class of Japanese warriors who performed military service for the Japanese nobles. The Samurai are famed as cunning, elegance warriors and were highly skilled horse riders and bowmen, and expert sword wielders.

The Zulu Empire

Considered one of Africa’s most dominant military powers, the Zulu’s are famed for their extravagant dancing traditions, their beadwork, and their unique belief system, which is formed around the presence of ancestral spirits.

The Vikings

Renowned for their seafaring expertise & formidable ability to conquer coastal villages. Although feared, the Vikings were able to establish successful trade routes and are considered among the most dominant warriors of the ancient world.

The Mauryan Empire

Renowned for revolutionising the economic and political structure of subcontinental India, as well as their unique culture & art, the Mauryan Empire was the first dynasty to unify India under a single administration.

The Ottoman Empire

One of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in history. Aside from their warfare ability, the Ottoman empire is renowned for its contribution to arts, technology, and science and their ability to unify various cultures across the regions they reigned.

The Egyptian Kingdom

Shrouded in mystery but recognised as one of the most advanced ancient civilisations. Renowned for their unusual writing system, unique cultural practices, and innovative architecture.