Future Plans & Project Direction

Where we envision the project to be in 1-5 years from now...

Year 1 - Plans & Expectations

  • We are confident our project concept, our art, and our utility offerings are unique, not only in the Sui ecosustem, but across the entire NFT space. Thus, don't just want to be a top 5 collection on Sui - we want to be the #1 P2E gaming project on the Sui Ecosystem and drive significant uptake for the blockchain.
  • We plan on developing dynamically and listen to our community to continuously develop value-adding utility and improving our P2E games so they are engaging, rewarding, sustainable, but most importantly... fun!

Year 2 Onwards - Plans & Expectations

  • This will be decided by our community - we will not restrict the project prior to mint, as we want our community to be actively involved and contribute to the future direction of our project!
  • We aren't here as a short-term investment, we are here to provide our community, and the Sui Ecosystem a fun, exciting, engaging & welcoming project where there is a utility or game suitable to everyone (well... almost everyone)
The #EvoluThumb is nigh...