Original Collection Overview

Thumb Wars Original (OG) Collection Overview

Thumb Wars OG Collection - Free Mint

After a shocking defeat in the "Battle Of Dexterity", Thumbs were forced to flee the forefingers and retreat to the South Hand Wasteland. With resentment towards their dextrous counterparts growing by the day, and finger food in short supply, Thumbs have turned against themselves.
Original Collection Marketplace: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/thumbwarsnft
Thumb Wars NFT is a utility-based collection inspired by the age-old game of Thumb Wrestling. Each Thumb Wars NFT is uniquely & programmatically generated NFTs from over 180 different traits, including Headwear, Weapons, Portals, Shoulder Accessories, Skin, Mouth & Eye + more, meaning some are stronger than other – and there can only be one winner.

Original Collection Lore

1,000 years ago, thumbs once unified by their shared love for opposability, were forced to seek refuge after harrowing rumours spread about the increasing dominance of the more dextrous fingers, who outnumbered them 4 to 1.
A handful of thumb sightings have been reported after longer, more dexterous fingers pushed them to the verge of extinction. Only the most callous and battle-hardened thumbs survived a century in isolation… a century of plotting… and they have thumb-thing drastic planned

Utility of Original Collection

We have been building for almost 12 months since our free mint. In that time, we have managed to develop valuable utility to our holders, which includes:
  • Custom SPL Token - $THUMB
  • Custom Staking Platform
  • Raffles & Giveaways
  • Bounty Hunts & Giveaways
  • Airdrop of new token - $TWARS
  • Replaced our original SPL token $THUMB with $TWARS for sustainability purposes

OG Collection Art

OG Thumb Wars Collection GIF of various Thumb Warriors