OG Collection Lore

The tale of the Thumb Warriors. A battle-hungry existence.

The Battle of Dexterity

The Battle of Dexterity had been a crushing defeat for the Thumbs. Forced to flee their former allies and retreat to the South Hand Wasteland, they harboured resentment towards those with more dexterous fingers. Food was scarce in this desolate land, and tensions amongst the Thumb Warriors community began to reach boiling point as desperation set in.
It seemed all hope was lost until an outcasted Thumb discovered something buried deep beneath the wasteland. An ancient relic.

The Discovery

The relic was inscribed with text of an unknown origin, believed to contain knowledge of the most powerful civilisations of the ancient world. Civilisations renowned for their sophisticated warfare strategies, cultural traditions & valiant warriors – collectively known as the ‘Ancient Dynasties’.
The only phrases that could be made out were “summon the Ancient Dynasties” and “path to the EvoluThumb”.

The Cultural Shift

As word spread about this mysterious discovery, its presence soon brought hope and optimism back into the wasteland. The newfound enthusiasm brought feuding tribes together, however decades passed, and the ancient script remained undeciphered.
What secrets hide behind the undeciphered script? Would the path to the EvoluThumb ever be revealed?

The Devolution

Optimism dissolved into frustration and hope into desperation. Thumbs grew increasingly resentful. They became bloodthirsty & war hungry. It was clear there was only one way to settle the tension… a Thumb War.
Life in the South Hand Wasteland might never return to how it was; however, for the Mystical Beings watching from above, patterns were emerging. Similarities in the behaviour and actions of the tribes became increasingly more obvious. the mystical entities chuckled and smirked.

The Aftermath

The Thumb Warriors were devolving, and the relic was forgotten.
Or was it....?

The Questions

What will come of the Thumb Warriors after the war? Will the scars live on for eternity?
Will the secrets of the Ancient Relic ever be revealed?
...only the mystical beings truely know the answer.