Tokenomics Considerations

Initial distribution of Ancient Dynasties $ADN token & key considerations

Tokenomics Overview & Considerations

Presale Distribution
Limited to 50% for the public, 20% for the Ancient Dynasties | Thumb Wars Team & 25% directly to the liquidity pool, and 5% allocated to our partners: Clutchy & BeLaunch
35% of team distribution injected directly into treasury wallet, 5% to be retained by the team
Sustainability Considerations
Long term sustainability & maintaining consistent demand through various use cases & utility.
Decay Co-Efficient
Exponential decay-coefficient to gradually reduce staking rewards to sustain buy pressure.
Gradually reducing staking rewards rather than periodic or spontaneous reductions is more feasible.
Treasury Wallet & Transparency
All treasury holdings wallet address will be published for transparency. Tokens in the treasury wallet will be distributed as per the tokenomics breakdown in the graph from the previous page.

Staking Rewards & Considerations

There are two key considerations for the mechanics we've developed, including:
35% of Initial $ADN Supply Distributed to Staking Pool
Initially, 35% of any tokens received by the team will be injected back into the staking pool, with the remaining tokens send to the locked treasury wallet. As the project evolves, the treasury holdings will be utilised for several purposes, including airdrops, rewards, prizemoney payments & giveaways.
Staking Exhause Co-Efficient Rate
At full staking capacity, the initial 35% of tokens allocated to staking will exhaust in approx. 4 years. However, we’ve developed several methods to ensure the staking pool is consistently injected with tokens to mitigate the risk of a liquidity shock.

Reinjection Into Treasury Wallet & Transparency

All treasury holdings wallet address will be published for transparency. Initially, tokens obtained by the team through operational activity will be injected back into the Treasury Wallet and redistributed into the Staking Pool to sustain the staking reward mechanisms we've developed.
Staking rewards mechanics for the $ADN token, including proposed staking multipliers & exhaust co-efficient rate are outlined in the 'Staking & Sustainability' page, which follows.