Utility & P2E Games

Utility Plans & Play-To-Earn (P2E) Game Concepts

Overview of Utilities & P2E Games:

Ancient Dynasties | Thumb Wars is a utility based collection combined with a historically inspired lore & unique art. Our P2E Game concepts are unique and have taken months of consideration and research to curate to ensure they're exciting, attractive to a wide range of people & flexible enough to adapt and evolve as the project grows and we receive feedback from our community.
In addition to our P2E games, which will be the primary utility offering of our project, we also plan on implementing the following utilities for holders:
Dynamic Staking Platform: a staking platform that not only rewards your Thumb Warriors with our native token, but possibly will provide them with 'battle experience' that will recharge them so they can enter into future battles. This means that holders are rewarded not just in tokens, but incentivices them to stake & be active in the community in order to participate in battles (purely conceptual for now, and being considered for viability - maybe a future demployment)
Raid2Earn: we will continue our Raid2Earn utility, however, will migrate to Sui Network tokens & reward schemes. The structure & payout terms are yet to be decided.
Upgradables Marketplace: we plan on releasing a marketplace, or 'The Market' (name tba) where Thumb Warrior owners can purchase more powerful traits, or additional features to apply to their Thumb Warriors. The items available on the marketplace will be purchaseable through our native token, or the Sui token (to be confirmed) and can be applied to Thumb Warriors by replacing existing traits or attributes. Replacement items, once applied, will alter the physical appearance & underlying metadata of the Thumb Warrior, thus allowing for the opportunity to increase your Thumb Warriors underlying winning probability.

P2E Game - aka 'Thumb Wars' Brief Overview

The Primary Utility: Play-To-Earn (P2E) games developed for Thumb Wars v2 - ‘Ancient Dynasties’
Thumb Wars aka. ‘Thumb Wrestling’ is a game played by kids around the world. Thumb Warriors can compete in weekly/fortnightly battles against other Thumbs to win Solana + $TWARS (SPL)
P2E Games Planned for Development & Under Development
1) Thumb War: weekly knock-out tournament where Thumb Warriors compete for share of secondary sales royalties from previous period
2) Thumb vs Thumb (1 v 1) Battle: select a stake (any SPL token, NFT, or Solana) and battle against another Thumb Warrior
3) Dynasty vs Dynasty (Group) Battle: combine your Thumb Warriors from the same ‘Dynasty’ in a collective battle. This will be more complex than the 1v1 battle and will come at a later date.

Additional Utilities to Holders

  • ThumbBird P2E game (SPL token integration)
  • Custom Discord P2E Bot for Thumb Wars Battles
  • Raid2Earn + Tweet2Earn (only to holders) for $USDC (only project offering this)
  • Custom Raffles available to holders (being considered - may not be unique or viable)
  • Spin2Earn in our Discord for native token (may be replaced by Thumb vs Thumb battles)
  • Random Jackpots: Raid2Earn & ThumbBird game (details & payout structure varies)