Crew3 + Raid2Earn Tools

Raid2Earn & Tweet2Earn via Crew3, The Incentive & Qwestive
We've established partnerships with The Incentive & Qwestive and recently joined Crew3. We were first to offer $USDC for Raid2Earn payments as an early adopter of The Incentive platform.
These tools help form closer relationships with our community & boost engagement by incentivising active involvement through Crew3 Quests, Raid2Earn (paid in $USDC + WL (Enlisted) spots, using dynamic reward mechanisms.
This brings our community together, and rewards those who are active & engaged!

Community Rewards & Raid2Earn Platforms

Crew3 Community Platform

A fantastic & powerful web3 tool utilised by several Sui NFT projects that allows us to connect with, reward, and interact with our community. It's integrated with Discord, Twitter, making it a really powerful tool for engaging with our community.

The Incentive: Raid2Earn & Tweet2Earn

Raid2Earn and Tweet2Earn powered by The Incentive. This utility offering was a staple of the OG collection on Solana. Thus, you must have a Solana wallet in order to participate.
Payments are in $USDC and are paid out on a daily basis. We also offer raid payout boosts depending on followers, specific raid targets, and a Discord role based reward mechanism.

Qwestive Web3 Tool Partnership

Established as part of our OG collection, Qwestive is a web3 dApp tool that allows us to create customizable campaigns, quests, raids, and events. Qwestives customisable reward mechanism enables us to create specific events or campaigns targetted at, or available to select users. We are hoping Qwestive adopt Sui as one of their compatable blockchains, and will be monitoring the situation as our project advances.
The more active & engaged you are, the more you will be rewarded.
More information about our future plans for our Raid2Earn & Tweet2Earn Utility to come...
Make sure to keep your eyes on our Discord for up-to-date information!